Supporting healthcare organizations to innovate, transform and learn

We carry out consultancies for government institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, health centers, clinics, offices and laboratories in the following areas:

  • Computerization projects for health organizations
  • Integration between health information systems
  • Health information standards implementation and modeling (openEHR, FHIR)
  • Systems Migration

Data accumulated over years of health care can be analyzed to generate new knowledge.

Our systems fully support the easy use of clinical data for research work and clinical management support reports.

This online course provides a hands-on introduction to the set of specifications developed by the openEHR Foundation. Other approaches to standardization of clinical content in Brazil and worldwide will also be mentioned.

Learn openEHR without leaving home at your own pace

We can also bring our knowledge to your organization. We conduct in-company training in:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Systems integration
  • openEHR
  • HL7

Some of our partners

Some of our clients