About us

About us

VirtualCare is an innovative company at the intersection of technology and healthcare. Emerging as a spin-off from the University of Porto, VirtualCare is the result of a collaboration between research units specialized in health information systems.

Benefiting from two decades of accumulated experience by a diverse group of researchers, with training that ranges from medicine and biostatistics to computer science, VirtualCare’s mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. To this end, we develop and disseminate innovative products, systems, and services that systematically apply information technology and biomedical knowledge.

Our goal is to save time and resources, improve the quality of information and integrate systems, promoting better medical decision-making and greater patient autonomy.

Our team

Altamiro Costa Pereira
MD + PhD | Co-founder
Ricardo Correia
Ricardo Correia
PhD | Co-founder
Tiago Costa
Tiago Silva Costa
Gustavo Bacelar
Gustavo Bacelar
MD + MBA + PhD | CMO
Isabel Lema
Isabel Garcia Lema
Finance | CFO
Eliana Sousa
Computer Science
Pedro Farinha
Computer Science
Pedro Rocha
Web Developer
José Gouveia
IT Specialist
Daniel Rodrigues
RN | Functional Analyst Nurse
Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
Team Leader
Samuel Frade
Health Informatics Engineer