The electronic medical record system that fully supports gynecological and obstetric practice

Suitable for use in different contexts: consultations, hospitalizations, deliveries, surgeries and urgencies
Sends and receives information (e.g. CTG, ultrasound, analysis) from other health systems and applications
State-of-the-art security features to protect the confidentiality of patients and healthcare professionals

Automatically generates Robson Classification reports

Productivity, data quality and obstetric indicators can be obtained automatically. There are over 80 indicators at your disposal, including the Robson Classification – a WHO recommended tool to monitoring and comparison of cesarean section for countries and health institutions.

Automatically generate DGS Report

According to Ordinance n.º 310/2016 , which determines the mandatory submission of periodic reports to the DGS by the Obstetrics Services.

License acquired by the Northern Health Regional Administration for use in all public hospitals in Portugal.


Get new knowledge from clinical practice

Easy use of data for research work. Data accumulated over years of health care can be analyzed to generate new knowledge.


The key system elements are remotely monitored 24 × 7, ensuring perfect operation (e.g. storage, SONHO connection, memory).